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Where to buy phenergan tablets

Phenergan tablets where to buy and how take them I am taking a low dose of it and I have been noticing changes recently. It feels like if I have to fight the thoughts going inside me it becomes easier to deal with and it is less stressful. Would I recommend it though? Yes because it does seem to calm the mind in beginning of withdrawal from it. Then once you have learned to cope better it tends make you feel slightly more open and aware. I can also tell you have found that it is much easier to find a good dose of it when I have to stop using it at the beginning of withdrawal. In that is when my symptoms of craving come in and I need that high dose to deal with that. this new tablet there are no cravings going on and I feel my withdrawal is better. Would I where to buy phenergan tablets be buying the tablet again? I would certainly buy it again if I felt would help me overcome my dependence on the drug. Are there any side effects that can occur with it? It is an anti-psychotic drug like Lithium and in some people can produce very unpleasant symptoms of anxiety. Would I be taking a low dose of it or would I have to start with higher dosages? You don't want to start with anything higher then 1mg and if you are still needing more try to start using something around 1.5mg or less. Can I buy it as prescribed by my doctor? Yes, just go to the pharmacy and ask see prescribing doctor. It is only prescribed in the United Kingdom for patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Should